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Nourish Your Body and Soul.

Discover KH Essentials: All-Natural Beauty & Body Products for Luxurious, Holistic Healing. Artfully Crafted Superfood for Your Body and Mind! Not just an Essence.


"This is deeper than aromatherapy. It's plant medicine.

—Andi Yablonski, Customer


Self-care, simplified.

Pain, stress, and illness can sap our energy and keep us from what we love.

That’s why these potent, plant-based blends are thoughtfully designed to help you...

  • renew your energy

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • get healthy, glowing skin

  • soothe aching muscles and joints

  • build resilience against illness and disease

… so you can be present and live a full, vibrant life.


Pump up the passion


Introducing Pleasure plus lubricating oil

Instantly boost sex drive and pleasure with this new safe and sensual blend.


Made with love in Oakland.

I’m Karen Holly, an Aromatherapist and certified Reiki Master, a cancer survivor and the creator of KH Essentials. A self-care advocate for women and children.

I believe you have a choice in what you put on your body. So, I’ve designed holistic, easy-to-use body products to give you the most natural, healing choice possible.


 “Karen is energetically pouring her soul into these products. They’re very high-vibration, quality products, due not only to the ingredients but also to the hands creating them.”

—Sarah Cheek, Customer


Offering holistic health events in the Bay Area

Learn safe, natural methods to care for yourself and your loved ones.

These practical events demystify plant-based medicine and give you the confidence to live well through whatever life brings.

Discover ancient secrets for long-term vitality. In these events, you’ll learn practical plant-based remedies for common ailments so you can live vibrantly no matter what life brings. 

Topics include lymphatic health, menopause, arthritis, circulation, dry brushing, immunity, and more. I also offer hands-on essential oil events for children.

Most events run 2-3 hours and are held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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